Europsy Festival

Gran Canaria 2016

What is EUROPSY ?

EUROPSY Rehabilitation is a European organization based in Brussels (Belgium) directed by users and mental health professionals and based on the principles of solidarity and cooperation.

It was born in 1992 with the mission to contemplate the rights of people with mental health on an equal footing with other European citizens and ensure their social, professional and economic integration.

His intention is to make visible the social stigma with the aim of introducing changes at the legislative level, rehabilitation and reintegration of all these people who until recently were in a situation of social and health isolation.

At the same time EUROPSY is a source of information and discussion forum. EUROPSY promotes psychosocial rehabilitation programs aimed at restoring skills, enhancing resources and promoting personal autonomy and social integration of those who are also part of the European space, enabling them to decide in first person about his life.

A Festival of Social Interest

Europsy Rehabilitation had organized congresses that linked the participation of users, families and professionals. These spaces promote the current Festivals EUROPSY. Finally the concept is developing activities of an association, uniting users, families and professionals.

The idea was developed a space based on the concept of "trialogue". Finally it took the body and the project idea of Arts, Sport and Culture Festival.

This is a proposal to highlight the participation of people with mental health problems and their place in society. This message has got through in several places in Europe and several of the major cities have become headquarters EUROPSY movement.

What other cities have been venue ?

It is very attached to the proposal from the European Union (EU) to facilitate the mobility of citizens and experiences Festival. In his early Central European countries were the first sites. And then continuing with the proposals of the EU, EUROPSY Festival has come to promote in the countries of Eastern Europe in the spirit of promoting inclusion as a member state of the EU.

All Festivals comply with the same general range of activities and workshops must contain sport, art and culture. Each venue specifically outlines the themes and program of events.

Why is in Gran Canaria ?

The island of Gran Canaria will be on 26, 27, 28 and 29 April 2016 Festival headquarters EUROPSY. For the second time, Gran Canaria again host this international event which adds increasingly more followers.

Weather conditions, innovative mental health network of the island and the incorporation of the first Association of Users (ESPIRAL) are the special attraction of this venue.

As other Festivals and other venues will be the culture, sports and art the main themes. These workshops, activities and events have a strong attachment to culture and canary customs that are widely accepted by the audience.

Why is the slogan "Just people" ?

With this slogan we want to highlight a festival that is synonymous of meeting point, of plurality, diversity, full integration, transparency, commitment to street life, dreams, enthusiasm and desire for a full life more over the sickness characteristics and needs. It is an expression of visibility. Removing the mask and especially delete tags.

Who have been organizated the fest ?

An international event of this impact has the support of a team of technical and institutional leaders of several significant entities :

What participation promotes ?

Usually it is a festival that mobilizes a group of assistants complete approximately 450 people coming from various cities in Europe. For this occasion the initial predictions is for 200 people.

It has an important print and television broadcasting as it is an unusual festival that draws much attention.

What dissemination reaches ?

The projection of this Festival extends the space of the EU. Specific mass media are developed in the official languages of the EUROPSY (English and French).

The regional and local press know this event through visits by the EUROPSY organization and conduct of the last Festival. In this link you can see a summary of the last edition held in Gran Canaria

Which Hotel is celebrate ?

The Festival will take place in the Hotel Puerto Azul in Puerto Rico, in the municipality of Mogan
Festival participants will stay at the hotel if they want to participate in all activities. Room reservations are made through the company Justincoming .
The price and all reservation stuff are described in the last page.





26/04 17 PM
(60 min)
Hotel Meeting Point Day Conference oppening by the ESPIRAL President, Emilio Gotera. This is the first user organization in canaries. He will talk about this sort institutional history.
10 AM
SUNNY PARTY : Traditional party where people make web each other and dancing
27/04 16 PM
(60 min)
Hotel WORKSHOPS : Chi Kung, Painting, Aquagym, Gastronomy, Modeling Clay, Gomaeva, Zumba, Music Therapy, Basketball and Juggling, Pet therapy, among others.
21 PM
(1,5 HOURS)
SMILING PARTY : Several shows dedicated to recreate situations and comic performances in order to keep alive the sense of humor develop.
10 AM
(hasta las 17 HOURS)
Beach POPULAR RACE EUROPSY : We moved to the beach to spend the day starting with a popular race and lying on the hammock.
28/04 21 PM
(1,5 HOURS)
Hotel CARNAVAL PARTY : Carnival party according to the customs of the Canary Carnival is recreated. It is a night dedicated to extroversion.
21/05 10 AM
Destinations EXCURSIONS. Attendees are registered to attend various excursions to various destinations:
  • Visit the Guayadeque Interpretation Centre and Case Agüimes.
  • Visit the Painted Cave of Gáldar and Agaete Coffee Tasting.
  • Walk through the Dunes of Maspalomas.
  • Visit the Museum of Gofio in St. Lucia and Las Salinas.
  • Visit the Caldera de Bandama and Walk for Vegueta.
21 PM
(1,5 HOURS)
Hotel POP CONCERT : Theme Party "BYE BYE". A concert with varied pop music develops.
This is the night where we invite for next year.