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Crossroads of asociations and professionals

Euro-Psy-Rehabilitation believes that methods of readaptation and reintegration must lead the individual away from the status of patient -- dependent on the health care structure and an object of law -- to the status of consumer, negotiator, active agent, and worker, a citizen who exercises his rights. To this purpose, rehabilitation must be carried out in order to permit the person to acquire maximum independence on a personal, family, and social level, so as to develop fully in society :

  • through a better guality of life
  • through adapted social assistance
  • through training which meets personal needs
  • through accessible employment
  • through the creation of adapted jobs

Within organizations :

  • promote rehabilitation
  • stimulate the necessary changes

Develop the setting up of training based on new principles including a reconsideration of the role of services and professional workers. Set up the evaluation of programmes in order to fit the offer of services better to client needs.

At the same time EUROPSY is a source of information and discussion forum. EUROPSY promotes psychosocial rehabilitation programs aimed at restoring skills, enhancing resources and promoting personal autonomy and social integration of those who are also part of the European space, enabling them to decide in first person about his life.

Develop the setting up of training based on new principles including a reconsideration of the role of services and professional workers. Set up the evaluation of programmes in order to fit the offer of services better to client needs.
Means :


User meetings

TOGETHER is an initiative directed towards reciprocal activities between users of the services provided by members of Euro-Psy-Rehabilitation.
It is based upon the principles of solidarity and cooperation between users in view of their fuller participation as citizens in society.

Together - Intermutuality

In each of the rehabilitation structures such a user action group could be set up. The Inter-Mutuality is, on a European scale, a federation composed of all the individual groups mentioned above. It forms a network run and directed by the users.

Together has objectives on different levels :

1) political goals

  • offering the users of our institutions the opportunity to meet eachother.
  • create positive conditions concerning meetings and activities of the users in different member states.
  • develop among the users a discussion about the means of training and rehabilitation in their countries.
  • gather information on the status of users in different member states.
  • promote conditions for well-being and for respect of the specificity of each handicapped person.
  • bring together a group of people who can give recommendations concerning European legislation to the authorities.

2) services

TOGETHER will offer a tool for meetings of users of different structures.

These exchanges include :

  • promotion of culture
  • leisure
  • sports
  • holidays
  • employment
  • visits and meetings
  • information (data bases)

Management of together

Management is provided by Euro-Psy-Rehabilitation but carried out by the users themselves. We suggest the establishment of user groups "TOGETHER" in the different organizations. Together - Intermutuality suggests bringing these groups together on a European scale. It also proposes to set up an exchange service and to found a Clearing House.

Statute and objectives


Art. 1
The civil personality is conceded to the international association "EURO-PSY-REHABILITATION" which registered office is in Brussels.

Art. 2
The statutes of the association are approved.

Art. 3
Our Minister is charged of the enforcement.
Brussels, 7 May 1992"


  • Developping interinstitutional European exchange in the fields of : social, professional, and economic rehabilitation;
  • Reintegration into society : Procedures of readaptation, orientation, training and reclassification;
  • Etablishing the rights of psychically handicap- ped persons;
  • Social rights;
  • Civil rights;
  • Economic rights;
  • Participating in the harmonization of legislation in favour of handicapped persons;
  • Contributing to the harmonization of personnel statutes.

EURO-PSY-REHABILlTATION in the centre of the psycho-social movement in Europe.

  • Device that puts The European Union's pro - grammes into practice;
  • For the advancement of psycho-social rehabili - tation in Europe;
  • For cooperation between users (of services) - all means of access to integration into society.


  • The meeting of institutions and professionals;
  • The meeting of users of services;
  • The Forum of both, users and professionals in the field of rehabilitation.


With the exit of the general assembly, the board of directors is established as follows :

  • NATALIS Stéphanie, Belgique
  • JACOB Bernard, Belgique
  • GARCET Marc, Belgique
  • CALLA Angela, Belgique
  • BIENKOWSKI Jean-Marc, Belgique
  • BOBR Maciej, Pologne
  • CARLIER Thierry, France
  • KOVAC Nace, Slovénie
  • MAES Jo, Pays-Bas
  • NIKOLAOU Pola, Grèce
  • SAN JUAN SANCHEZ Rosalia, Belgique
  • SANTIAGO QUINTANA Javier, Islas Canarias
  • THEODORAKIS Pavlos, Grèce.
  • VOGTEL Aloïs, Allemagne
  • COLLARD Fabienne, Belgique
  • SEBASTIAN Jesus, Espagne
  • SIMONNET Regis, France
  • CRETE Pascal, France

Contact Us

  • Marc Garcet - ( General Secretary )
  • 84, Rue Saint-Lambert B-4040
  • 00 32 4 228 89 81
  • 00 32 4 228 08 80