Europsy Festival

Festival Report


The Europsy Festival took place in Gran Canaria from 26 to 29 of april. In the local council of Mogán, in the island south, was the first Europsy Fest venue.

The people participants in this edition were around 250 users coming from Belgium, France, Spanish maindland and Gran Canaria. The festival promotes one conference, three night parties, nine workshops and five excursions.

The running morning next to beach avenue was the innovate activity for this festival edition.

Day by Day

26th Of April 2016

Oficial Opening Ceremony in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Social Policy Councilor of Gran Canaraia opened the Festival in an institutional event in which several authorities were also present.

Recognitions were given to the city of Mogán, the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Europsy and the organization ESPIRAL, representing the users of the island of Gran Canaria.

During this event, a roundtable was held in which several speakers gave their opinion on European Citizenship and the challenges facing mental health in Europe.

Welcome Conference

Emilio Gotera Sosa is the current President of the ESPIRAL Users Association. The first Association of Users of the Canary Islands. The Festival was a tribute to their work and also a way to raise funds for their purposes and socio-cultural activities. At the end of inscriptions this organization got 5000 euros for new future projects.

27th Of April 2016

Opening Ceremony with Water Paty.

On the tennis courts of the hotel we celebrate this holiday set in the traditional Fiesta del Agua. With foam cannons and water guns, we tried to get closer and break the ice between the attendants. Getting wet was the way to get in touch with each other. During this celebration a television broadcast was made with the island television of the Canary Islands.


The different workshops were:

  • Chi Kung,
  • Painting,
  • Aquagym,
  • Gastronomy,
  • Modeling Clay,
  • Gomaeva,
  • Zumba,
  • Music Therapy,
  • Basketball and Juggling,
  • Pet therapy.

There were only incidents in the music workshop. The professionals confused the time and day of the workshop. The other workshops were carried out normally.

Night Show

Alehop Creaciones Artísiticas prepared a variety show to celebrate the first night of the festival. This show may not have had the expected success.

28th Of April 2016

Career for Visibility

A total of 100 people ran a distance of 2 kilometers in runs of 4 races. A closed circuit is designed specifically for the festival with music and various activities.

All the attendants had a picnic to take advantage also the beach hand. Several local televisions covered the event.

The organization considers that this activity was the most outstanding of all realized.

Carnaval Night Party

It is the second occasion in which we dedicate one night to the celebration of the carnival in the Festival.

We believe that it is a very special night and full of color, which transmits energy and joy. We are very pleased with how it developed this carnival night.

29th Of April 2016

Day of Excursions

A total of 5 simultaneous excursions to different places of the island were developed. Beach, historic centre, mountain, archaeological sites, etc ...

The excursions also had an elaborate picnic from the hotel.

Night Concert

The festival ends with an internationally recognized music concert.

With this activity we put an end to the 2016 festival.

Organization Program

The organization of the festival fulfilled most of the planned activities. Nevertheless there were errors and errors that in some cases we could solve and in others we did not.

However, the biggest challenge was the race. This activity was successfully achieved.

Promotion of the Festival in the Media

The public promotion of the festival was one of the main objectives of the organization. We wanted to put in value the creation of the ESPIRAL organization and its contribution to society.

In this sense, we believe we have fulfilled the intended objective.

These are the various publications related to the Festival:


During the development of the Festival a video has been made leaving testimony of all the activities scheduled.

Javier Santiago Quintana
Festival Europsy Just People 2016